About Me

I’m Lewis Franklin, a development manager living in the San Antonio, Texas area. I’m currently leading a team of sixteen quality engineers to provide quality support to multiple automation development teams at Rackspace. We have worked to enhance system performance and reliability of releases while providing quality at speed and meaningful tests. In addition, I have helped to implement a number of internal quality metrics, ranging from defects to black-box coverage to test results. I have also led in hiring of a number of members of the larger Quality Engineering organization.

Before moving to Rackspace, I have spent eleven years as a software developer, working in the automotive, industrial, and insurance industries. In each industry, I have led initiatives to modernize legacy applications and provide for increase revenue with lower costs.

I am dedicated to providing the best possible solution to the team and company. As well, I am constantly striving to find ways to make the process, the system, and the people better. I love to build strategy for the team and product and constantly work to ensure that the team, software, and company are being the best that they can be.